Siblings Paint Pots at Wayne State Little Sibs Week

Feature photography makes up a majority of what a photojournalist shoots on an average day. I came across Aya and Saif, the subjects of the pictures I took, during Little Sibs Week where I knew there would be people out and about enjoying the spring weather. I decided to not do any posed pictures and to just stay patient as I circled the wagon in search of the best shot. I asked them before I started taking pictures if it was okay and they were both very cooperative and acted completely natural as if I wasn’t even there.

Before I even started taking pictures I surveyed the scene and the two of them looked like they were having a genuinely fun time . I knew that the pictures I took of them would turn out positive, which is somewhat important in feature photography. This is because the news can sometimes be depressing and feature photography can proved a diversion from the daily dose of real yet sad news. I felt like the expressions on their faces fit perfectly into the idea of capturing a slice of life. There isn’t anything exceptionally special about the two of them or the activity that they’re taking place in, but at the same time they are expressing genuine happiness and a sibling bond that many readers could relate to.

In conclusion, my feature writing experience was somewhat indicative of what a feature hunt for a working photojournalist might be. I showed up to a public event and waited for my shot, I observed and went in with an open mind. I didn’t necessarily hunt down the shot, the moments just happened around me, all I did was wait for that moment. The result was a collection of happy pictures that readers could relate to, and that could distract them from some of the more bleak new, if only for a second.


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