Portrait Photography with a Wayne State Volunteer

Portrait photography was a much different experience than any other form of photojournalism. I tend to be an outgoing individual so I didn’t think I would have much trouble approaching a stranger and asking to take pictures. It ended up being much more fun than I originally thought it would be. When we got into taking pictures I asked what he thought might be a good shot. For the head shot I told him to just be himself and I think the picture, while more could be going on in the background, does a very good job of showing off his personality through the expression on his face. The environment shot was a bit trickier because it wasn’t supposed to be a shot where he was moving it made some of the ideas he wanted to do a bit hard. In the end I just decided to do a full action shot of him dunking in midair, but to make it more like portrait and not like a sports shot I told him to really exaggerate and pose in the air. It was a very sunny day so turning up my shutter speed was no problem at all. I think that the picture came out great and really shows what it is that he does when he volunteers, as he is usually spending time with the kids and playing basketball with them.

I think I’m getting much better at taking pictures of people and capturing the moments of expression that really make the pictures speak. This assignment taught me how to collaborate and listen to the ideas of my subject which is important because often the best ideas come from the subject themselves, it’s just the photographers job to be able to execute that idea.


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