Taylor J. Lutz is a student journalist at Wayne State University in Detroit MI, majoring in print and online journalism. Originally from Saginaw MI, Taylor fell in love with film at a young age, which eventually lead to a love of cameras. His passion for film making and photography is only matched by his passion and appreciation for the arts. Taylor believes in the mantra that art will not save the world, but without it there would be nothing worth saving. It’s because of this that he is dedicated to reporting on art and how it affects the world around him.

Taylor is a young, but reasonably accomplished writer, being the 2016 1st place winner of the annual Humanity Symposium (an essay and presentation competition based on literary analysis and the question “How do we determine a humans worth?”). He is also a strong advocate for the creation of a new word exclusive to consuming soup, seeing as how you can both drink and eat soup.